That's me. With a tiger.

I like to do fun stuff, I like to make fun stuff but most of all I like to make people care more about stuff. The power of design is something that has always had me hooked. I believe that everything around us can mean more if it's just presented in the right way.

My name is Chelsea Weber. I am 26 years old and I graduated in 2011 from the CCAD with a BFA in Advertising / Graphic Design and a minor in Copywriting. I currently work as a graphic designer in Cincinnati, Ohio. My specialties include branding, marketing, concepting, packaging, production, copywriting, web and social media.

If you are here today looking to hire me, know that I can't bring the tiger.
I can however bring load of passion and witty banter to your workplace.
Let's chat! Let's make brands unforgettable.

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