Illustration in Packaging

I love package design. I have been doing it for about 4 years and I love the process of how it gets from an idea to the customers hand. There are millions of package designs out there. Millions. Today I am going to show off a couple that combine beautiful illustrations with great typography on packaging.

I had a roommate in college who majored in Illustration and I, Graphic Design. We had separate classes, and professors. We really only worked together in those boring classes required to be taken by everyone. Did my school miss the mark on this? Should they have integrated some majors with others and seen how they worked together? I think so. Especially seeing this packaging from Moxie Sozo, an awesome design/branding agency in Boulder CO. 

The stylized look of these packages and the impactful bold choices made by the design team are truly killer. This work shows a range of typography, drawing styles, textures and an overwhelming amount of awesome color combinations.

Okay okay, no more talk. Let’s get this eyegasm going.

And side note: This artwork is owned in its entirety by Moxie Sozo. I take no credit for this work. Just wanted to share with everyone.

Jade Monk

Visit the Moxie Sozo website to get a full glimpse of all their awesome work. Hey, if you are ever in Colorado, stop by and see them. I know I’d be beating down those doors if I was there.