Tumblr Noob

Im new to this, but I like to write things and sometimes my thoughts are longer than 140 characters so, heres me. Im a graphic designer and copywriting/wordsmith enthusiast. Im also a gamer, mainly Call of Duty but when that’s pissing me off, which is often, I’m a Battlefield geek. Speaking of geek, I love all things tech. I can talk for hours about apps, gadgets, websites, anything with wires, cords, or imaginary lines beaming up to space bouncing off a satellite and ending up in a predetermined location, I’m all over it. I also consider myself funny and no matter how old I get one of my favorite self achievments will be winning class comedian in High School. So, what can you expect to see/read/discover/uncover in this blog?

Brand stuff. This could be anything from creative ad campaigns to ingenious guerrilla marketing.

Geek stuff. This could be gadgets that I think are cool or apps that I feel are worth sharing.

Gaming stuff. This could be game reviews, rants about issues with games or just sweet accessories that I want to share with the world.

Funny stuff. This could be youtube videos, photos, links. Be prepared.

I’ll end my first post with a link to this awesome story about a fake company called DUPE. This was a retail store setup that is selling bottled natural resources at crazy prices. Example being a jar of “fresh air” for $150. The point being to show people how dumb it is to bottle natural resources circling around to our waste problem with bottled water. http://www.psfk.com/2013/10/bottled-air-pop-up-shop.html